Family Services

Honor Your Loved One's Legacy

Every year, thousands of lives are saved as a result of the generosity of donors and families like yours. Learn how you can continue to honor your loved one’s legacy by getting involved with NJ Sharing Network.  


5K Celebration of Life

Thousands of participants, representing donor families, recipients, volunteers, community groups, and corporate and hospital partners, come together at our 5K Celebration of Life to honor those who gave, pay tribute to those who received, offer hope to those who continue to wait, and remember the lives lost while waiting... for the gift of life.



Continue to honor your loved one by advocating within your community. Our volunteers share a special bond with our organization, and all have connections to donation or transplantation. Many of our donor families find comfort in sharing their personal experience, and meeting other families like theirs.


Landscape of Life Wall

The Landscape of Life, a tribute wall, depicts life through a window overlooking a swaying tree in bloom surrounded by butterflies in flight. This special place honors our organ and tissue donors and also acknowledges gifts received by the Foundation in their honor.



Landscape of Life Meditation Garden

This garden serves as an extension of the Landscape of Life walls inside our headquarters. The 8,200-square-foot perennial garden was created to honor those who gave, pay tribute to those who received, offer hope to those who continue to wait and remember the lives lost while waiting for...the gift of life.


Quilts of Love

Quilts of Love” began in 1997 and is an ongoing project that honors the memory of our donors. You are invited to participate by creating your own square in memory of your loved one. Our Quilts of Love serve as gentle reminders of the many lives touched by donation and transplantation.