Host a Fundraising or Awareness Event

Many of our generous supporters have made a difference by organizing events in their community. These events allow individuals to raise funds in honor or in memory of their loved one, while raising awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Here are just a few examples of popular fundraising and awareness events:

Facebook Fundraising
Start a fundraiser on your Facebook page in celebration of a special milestone, anniversary or birthday.
View our Facebook Fundraising Guidelines.

Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations
Collect contributions in lieu of gifts - now that’s a gift that really makes a difference!

“Dine Out to Donate” Events
Organize a dining event at a local restaurant that will contribute a percentage of the evening’s revenue. Choose someplace local
so friends and family can easily get there.
Participating chain restaurants include, but are not limited to:
Panera Bread, Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chevys Fresh Mex and Houlihan’s.

Concerts and Shows
Host a concert or comedy show. Sell tickets, show up and have fun!

Classes for Charity
Get your friends, family and colleagues together for a yoga, kickboxing, art, or paint and sip class. The possibilities are endless!

Sporting Events
Host a golf outing, bowling, dodgeball, hockey game. This is also a great opportunity to host an auction or tricky tray.

Merchandise Sales Events
Organize a jewelry, Pampered Chef, pocketbook party, Yankee Candle sale, 5K team apparel sale or a bake sale, and contribute
the proceeds. Shop your way to success.

Dress Down Day
Allow participants at your office or school to wear casual attire for the day by making a contribution.

Get Started Today!

Download and complete our Fundraising and Awareness Raising Event Agreement (PDF)

We will assist you when possible by providing materials and volunteer speakers, promoting your event on our social media
pages and answering any questions you may have. 

For further info, please email Janet Brown or call (908) 516-5636. 



Facebook Fundraising

Facebook (FB) has a fundraising platform for individuals to raise funds for non-profit organizations. NJ Sharing Network is now accepting the use of this platform.

NJ Sharing Network is now able to transfer funds raised through FB Fundraisers to the intended 5K team, individual or tribute, per the below guidelines:
When selecting a non-profit to create your fundraiser, be sure to choose "NJ Sharing Network" NOT "New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network Inc."

  • The individual creating the FB Fundraiser (“Owner”) must notify Janet Brown immediately following the creation of their FB fundraiser with the following information:
    • FB Fundraiser URL (web link)
    • Owner’s Full Name
    • FB Fundraiser Campaign Name
    • Owner’s 5K Team Name or Tribute Name (if applicable)
    • Campaign Start and End Date
    • FB Fundraising Goal


  • NJ Sharing Network does not have control over Facebook fundraising pages. This means we cannot provide support or troubleshooting if you use the Facebook fundraising tool; you will have to go through Facebook Support for any issues you experience.
  • Any person(s) that contribute to a FB Fundraiser will not receive an acknowledgement from NJ Sharing Network. 
  • It is up to the Owner to acknowledge FB Fundraiser contributors. NJ Sharing Network does not receive information specific to individual contributors.


  • FB Fundraisers are meant to be used only as a supplementary way to fundraise; they are not intended to replace fundraising on team and individual pages through the 5K website. You can share or post the link to your individual/team fundraising page to your FB status.
  • Any FB Fundraisers in support of a 5K Team will directly support the designated Tribute(s) of the team.
  • Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from the fundraiser’s end date for funds to show up on the 5K website.
  • Funds raised through FB Fundraisers will be displayed on the Owner’s “Fundraising Honor Roll” listed as the Campaign Name. (i.e. Jack’s Birthday Fundraiser)
  • Any person(s) that contribute to a FB Fundraiser will not be listed on the 5K “Fundraising Honor Roll”.