Clinical Education and Training

Contact Hours Available 

For Registered Nurses

All RNs were required to obtain 1 Contact Hour on Organ and Tissue Donation by May 31, 2017*

Satisfy Your RN Contact Hour Requirement

An online training course that will fulfill the RN contact hour requirement is available through Nurse.Com.  This program is titled “NJ Required Organ and Tissue Donation Choice. What every nurse needs to know.” The Course ID is #CE665 and can be found here at the cost of $12.00.

Another online training course that will fulfill the RN contact hour requirement is available through Elite Continuing Education. This program is titled “Organ and Tissue Donation: A New Jersey Nurse's Guide.” This course can be found here at the cost of $10.00.

For Physicians

All physicians are required to obtain two Category 1 CME credits pertaining to end-of-life care*

Satisfy Your End-of-Life Care CME Requirement

The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance, through a cooperative agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration, is pleased to offer an educational online training course on organ donation: Saving and Healing Lives Through Organ and Tissue Donation - Continuing Our Healthcare Mission. Organizations and healthcare professionals that are working to improve the donor management and family care process across their donation service areas are encouraged to take the opportunity to view, learn from, and share this educational training course.

Take the online training.

Continuing Medical Education Credit  (CME):
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is the provider of this activity. To claim Continuing Medical Education credit (.5 AMA PRA Category 1™credits) please view the Saving and Healing Lives through Organ and Tissue Donation Online Training Course and go to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center for Continuing Education activity page to create an account or login and register for credit.  Registration is free. In order to obtain credit, participants must complete the post-test with a grade of 80% or higher as well as an online evaluation of the activity.  This can be found on the activity page.  You will have immediate access to your online transcript once you have registered and completed the assessment. 

Here are the actual requirements:

For Registered Nurses: From NJ Board of Nursing Regs, updated September 25, 2014, *N.J.S.A. 45:11-26.1 and N.J.A.C. 13:37-5.3(j) require all RNs whose nursing curriculums did not contain content in organ and tissue donation and recovery, and who have not completed continuing education in organ and tissue donation and recovery, to complete a one hour continuing education course in this area prior to their next scheduled license renewal. The Board is monitoring compliance with this requirement by incorporating a question in the 2014 and 2015 online renewal forms.  For RNs due to renew their license in 2014, they will have to meet the requirement by May 31, 2014.  For RNs due to renew their license in 2015, they will have to meet the requirement by May 31, 2015.

For Physicians: End-of-Life Care Continuing Medical Education Update
The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners requires 100 continuing medical education credits, of which at least 40 of such credits shall be in Category I. Commencing with this biennial renewal period which started on July 1, 2013, two of the 40 credits in Category I courses shall, pursuant to P.L. 2011, c. 145 (C.45:9-7.7), be in programs or topics related to end-of-life care. The Board is aware that many hospitals and a wide variety of other CME providers are offering a variety of courses that will satisfy this 2 hour requirement.

If a licensee believes that this mandate has little applicability to his/her practice area, waivers or extensions can be requested. The licensee, within 60 days of the expiration of the biennial renewal period, (i.e., by April 30, 2015) needs to send to the Board office, by certified mail, return receipt requested, or other proof of delivery, a letter explaining why such waiver/exemption is  applicable. If granted, the extension or waiver is effective for the biennial licensure period in which the extension and/or waiver is granted. If the reason(s) which necessitated the extension and/or waiver continues into the next biennial period, the licensee shall apply to the Board for the renewal of such extension and/or waiver for the new biennial period.