Quilts of Love

2009 Quilts

These beautiful quilt squares were submitted by the families in 2008. Please click on the individual quilt squares to view.

Quilt Picture

Row 1 (left to right): Lee Chamberlain, Curtis Ling, Erin Gourley, Sara Dubinin, Lee Chamberlain
Row 2: Eva Figuerosa-Rivas, Robert Davis, NJ Sharing Network Logo, Gregg Kaulfers, Dianna Caldwell-Weaver
Row 3: Roberta Steinagle, Cynthia Spalding, Christian Robert Peters, Brian Doremus, Deborah Pentz
Row 4: Peter Joseph John Manley, NJ Sharing Network Logo, Sean Clegg, Khaleel Bethea, Clarence Pruiksma
Row 5: William Schauer, Theresa Vigil, Michael Meritz, Michelle Hoey, John Williams
Row 6: Lee Chamberlain, NJ Sharing Network Logo, Kristen O'Hara, NJ Sharing Network Logo, Lee Chamberlain

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