Quilts of Love

2008 Quilts

These beautiful quilt squares were submitted by the families in 2007. Please click on the individual quilt squares to view.

2008 Quilt

Row 1: (left to right): Linda Ryder, Eugene Locke, Michael Messeroll, Phillip Frank, Kennieth Johnson
Row 2: Teresa Sharon Kling, Andre Bell, Deby Lopez, Donna Petrasek, Bryon Goundrey
Row 3: Theodore Dunn, Madison Plotts, Bill Donnelly, George Glacser, Bill Kubala
Row 4: Frances Berry, John Fisher, Rahma'am Smith, Janet Fasekas, Rose Johnson
Row 5: Cynthia Diane Timmons, Ginny Salvatore, Patrick Basilicato, Barney Edens, Richard Moyer
Row 6: Jamie Pruitt, Richard Gangaware, Fran Puri, Jeff Adams, Geri Lynn Dimaio

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