Quilts of Love

2006 Quilts

These beautiful quilt squares were submitted by the families in 2005. Please click on the individual quilt squares to view.

Quilt Picture

From Top, Left to Right - Amber Pizzo, Diane Barbara Goldman, Bill Umstadter, Harvey Louis Edwards, John Zakrzewski, Stanley Richard Lisowski, Sr., Mark C. Maggiore, Grace D. Martini, Charles E. Placek, Ronald H. Ruerup, Scott David Winfield, Granville S. Rose, NJ Sharing Network logo, Erica Lynne Schmitt, Stephen P. Gainey, Jesse Davies, Jesse Davies and Natacha Alverez, Natacha Alverez, Tony Jalili, LoriAnn Stavitsky, Ruth Decosta, Alice Blodgett, Gilberto Pantoja & Carmen Valiente Hernandez


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